Dwyane "The Rock" Johnson began his IMG career November 27, 2016 after seeing a promotion for it on the Raised Right page. The Rock then became the Governor of Michigan. The Rock initially

The rock

supported Chamberlain/Donovan, but after Chamberlain announced he was leaving, The Rock turned his support to Gallagher/Djou. After Gallagher was elected, he appointed The Rock to NSA Director, where he was able to stomp out any threat that came to the United States. His best work was during the Maple Leafs crisis, where he was able to activate the army along the border to the north, and stomp out the threat. After Gallagher won reelection, he promoted CIA Director Chamberlain to Secretary of Defense, and promoted The Rock to CIA Director. Also in 2020 The Rock won the Prime Ministership of South America, and District 5 of the senate. The Rock currently serves as CIA Director, Senator of District 5, Prime Minister of South America, and Governor of Michigan