The Supreme Court of the United States, also known as simply the Supreme Court or SCOTUS, is the highest court of the United States. Before laws are sent to the President, the Supreme Court decides whether or not they are Constitutional.

Under the Constitution

The following is what the Constitution says on the SCOTUS:

"Section 3- The Supreme Court

  1. The Supreme Court is a 5 member body nominated by the president, who then must pass the senate. If the senate Conforms ; then the person becomes a Supreme Court Justice.
  2. The Supreme Court will:
    1. Review Bills before they go to the president to see if the bills are constitutional.
    2. If the bills are Constitutional, they go to the president.
    3. If they are not, the return to the chamber they originated from. The Supreme Court will also handle any dispute between individuals or parties alike in the Mock Government.
    4. Sit in on an Impeachment Trial.
  1. A Supreme Court Justice shall serve until they step down. They may hold no seat in the Senate, House, Presidency, or any Governorship."

List of Justices

Justice Appointed By Years Served Chief Justice
Jeremy Corbyn Edmund Gallagher 2016-2017 2016-2017
Caden Assange Edmund Gallagher 2016-2020 N/A
Count von Count Edmund Gallagher 2016-Present N/A
Margaret Thatcher Edmund Gallagher 2016-Present N/A
Tonald Drump Jr. Edmund Gallagher 2016-Present 2017-Present
Thomas Jefferson Edmund Gallagher Dec 10, 2016 - Feb 9, 2017 N/A
Guy Fieri Edmund Gallagher 2020-Present N/A