The Republican Party is a conservative IMG party which has been the biggest party from the beginning. The republican party includes anyone who is fiscally conservative generally socially moderate-libertarian. It is based off of the real life republican party. Its first major competitor was the Constitution Party, until they merged after the 2020 Election.


Founding and 2016 Election

The party was founded by Vincent Chamberlain on November 22, 2016, as the party for conservative ideals. It quickly became the largest party. As a result of major corruption by some members of the party, a large group of members broke off and founded the Constitution Party. The first candidate for the GOP primaries in 2016 was Moriarty, with his running mate Swanson. After the Moriarty Scandal, he ended his campaign. The Pence/Pollock campaign quickly took over as the front runner, but after the Pence incident, he was forced to suspend as well. The party chairman, Vincent Chamberlain, became the new best choice for the party. He was the leader, followed by Edmund Gallagher and Tonald Drump Jr. Chamberlain, one day, decided to leave IMG. The new front runner was Edmund Gallagher, who became the nominee. Tonald ran as a constitutionalist, being Gallagher's greatest opponent. Gallagher won the 2016 race, with his running mate, Djou, going crazy. He replaced Djou with Hans-Hermann Hoppe.

2020 And Merging

Ivanka Trump was quick to announce her campaign and easily won the Constitution primary. Gallagher won the GOP nomination again. Hoppe quit IMG late in the race, so Gallagher replaced him with Porter Trine Pollock, the former Secretary of State. As the Democratic Party began growing, members within the party tried to form a merge with the Constitution party into the Conservative party. Chewbacca and George W. Bush were the only opposition, who were unable to prevent the merger but were able to keep the Republican brand. After Gallagher won his reelection in 2020, the Constitution party merged into the new Republican party.