The Republican-Constitution Merger was an occurrence where the two largest parties, the Republican Party and the Constitution Party, merged. This occurred after the 2020 election. The Constitution Party joined into the Republican party.


The merger was fabricated by Vincent Chamberlain, Ivanka Trump, and Edmund Gallagher. They formed it as a result of the Democratic party growing, and because splitting their votes in elections hurt their chances. The terms required it to have a 2/3 majority support in both parties, which it received. When it was originally written up, the party was going to be a completely new party: the Conservative party. However, this was changed due to opposition.

Opposition and Success

The merger was opposed primarily by people outside the parties, Chewbacca, and George W. Bush. Count von Count was the primary opposition from outside the parties. Chewbacca and George were able to change the terms from forming a new Conservative Party to having the Constitution members join the Republican party, however a majority of the party overruled them. The merger came into effect on January 12, 2017.