Porter Trine Pollock (Born February 9th, 1935) is an American politician, former veteran, and meme master. He has been a senator for District One of the Instagram Mock Government, Vice President of the United States, Chief Justice of the South American Supreme Court, and a soldier during World War 2. Pollock has participated in the drafting and passing of numerous bills during his time as a senator, including the China Sanctions Bill, and the Military Mobilization Bill. He has played a vital role in Operation Lamb Castration and Goat Impregnation, and has contributed numerous memes to IMG. He is also A Republican Constitutionalist, his morals are directly influenced by the Bible. Pollock has ran as vice president in numerous occasions, having ran with Michael Pence and of Edmund Gallagher.

Personal Life

Pollock lives in California with his wife Brianna Pollock. He has 4 children, including Adrienne Pollock, Dante Pollock, Dawn Pollock, and Obi Wan Kenobi. Edmund Gallagher is his spiritual son. His hobbies include making memes, playing the piano, drawing, running, playing video games, and researching online. He has a PhD in Philosophy, having minored in engineering, and went to UC Berkeley. He has a YouTube Channel with 7 and a half subscribers, which includes videos of him rapping verses of the Constitution to the Super Mario Bros. Show theme song. His favorite guns are the Magnum and the Colt 1911, the former in which he used to storm into the enemy base during the Maple Leaves Terrorist Acts.

Pence/Pollock Campaign

On November 24th, Pence and Pollock announced their race for POTUS and VPOTUS, respectively. With a surge of endorsements throughout their campaign, Pence and Pollock seemed to be the presumed winners of the elections. However, Pence called for a a secession of the Southern States during the voided war with Canada. This, among with other acts, caused Pence to withdraw from the race and for a time, IMG. Today, he has been exposed for running Wikileaks, a "troll" news account that is now void, and he is thought to have been Djou, another politician.

PATA Career

As a founder of the PATA, along with Thomas Jefferson and Tonald Drump, Pollock is currently working to combat terrorism directly and through the method of influence. The PATA was formed after the events of the Maple Leaves Acts, in which the founders stormed into the enemy base. He has participated in Operation Lamb Castration, where the terrorist group Maple Leaves' leadership was severely crippled, leading to the defeat of it, and Operation Goat Impregnation, which ended the tyranny and threat of Communist China's leader. He is currently awaiting his next assignment.

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Pollock and Jefferson in the PATA