Phase 1 is the opening phase of IMG. It is generally defined as the time period from the beginning of IMG (November 22, 2016) to the 2016 Inauguration Day (December 1, 2016). Also known as the OG IMGers, Phase 1 is an exclusive bunch.

Significant Members

Below is an incomplete list of significant Phase 1 IMGers.

Name Date Joined Status Notes
Cade Buckley November 22 Active Previously Admin.
Vincent Chamberlain November 22 Active Third President. Took a half-month long break in early December.
John F. Kennedy November 22 Active
Edmund Gallagher November 22 Active First President.
Thomas Massie November 22 Retired
Boss Hogg November 22 Active Oil tycoon former Representive
Porter Trine Pollock November 22 Active
Guy Fieri November 23 Inactive
Hans-Hermann Hoppe November 23 Inactive
Ronald Reagan November 23 Active
Tonald Drump Jr. November 23 Banned Second President. Banned for corruption.
Carly Fiorina November 23 Retired
Mike Pence November 23 Banned Made fake accounts. Was Djou.
Isai Diaz November 23 Active
Jeret Hill November 23 Retired
Ron Swanson November 24 Inactive
Mike Gravel November 24 Active
Ivanka Trump November 26 Active Retired from politics.
Chewbacca November 26 Active
Austin Petersen November 26 Active
Colonel Sanders November 26 Active Took a long break after the 2016 election.
Robert Kennedy November 26 Active Fourth President.
Dwight D. Eisenhower "Ike" November 26 Retired
George W. Bush November 27 Retired
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson November 27 Active
Thomas Jefferson November 27 Active
Spears November 28 Inactive
Airam Anzaldua November 28 Active
John Locke November 28 Active
Joshua Ochoa December 1 Active
Count von Count Unknown Retired
Comiski Unknown Retired
Chris Moriarty Unknown Retired
Charles Djou Unknown Banned Made fake accounts and generally serious corruption, including trying to blow up the United States.
Jeremy Corbyn Unknown Inactive
Caden Assange Unknown Active
Paul Ryan Unknown Inactive