The following is a list of IMG memes.

Meme Explanation
RIG RIG stands for Rest in Gingrich. This is used by IMG members as a replacement for the slang term "rip." It is used this way because the user Gingrich went inactive (but later returned) after admitting to committing voter fraud by creating fake accounts. @img_memes can be credited for coming up with this term.
Pence Pence was one of the candidates in the 2016 election, who, when his poll numbers dropped, went crazy and posted things like him drinking bleach.
Djou Djou was President Gallagher's original running mate in 2016. He went crazy after we found out he was Pence. Images of dead pigs are a reference to Djou because he would often send them in group chats.
Wikileaks In the 2016 election, Wikileaks presumably had a fake account inside the Republican Party chat. They posted things claiming to "expose" republicans by revealing DM's. It is suspected that they are Pence. It is used by saying "@wikileaksimg" after somebody says something as a joke that could be potentially damaging.
Canada After the international IMG community started up, somebody made @ig_mock_canada. They started posting things about nuking the United States with stupid captions. Admin banned him soon after. It is presumed that they are Pence.
Penceyleaks Penceyleaks is self explanatory. His user is @img.penceyleaks.
Merger Some people (namely Chewbacca, Count, and especially Lombard) got triggered when the former Constitution and Republican parties merged, fearful that it would make democrats have no voice.
Lombard Lombard used to be a hardcore liberal, but one day, he posted a political compass as a libertarian and claimed himself to be a lean-right moderate, economically. Everybody made fun of him for leaving the democrats and moving around on the political compass willy-nilly. @img_memes has made fun of him on many different occasions.

Every Party Lombard has been in has died with the exception of the Democratic Party

Bush Hydrogen Missile George W. Bush was impeached from the director of the CIA after the SCOTUS decided that he overstepped power. This was referring to, in the now fake fight against ISIS, he decided on his own to send "Heavy Hydrogen Missiles" to them.
Bush Monopoly George W. Bush, at one point, made a bunch of posts saying, "Let it be known that I am the CEO of [some random IRL company]." After people thought he was too rich, he merged them into Bush International.
IMG_Memes @img_memes is the first and only meme page centered around IMG. It is most famous for coming up with the term "RIG" and has poked fun at many different IMG players, including, Lombard, Bush, Gingrich, Drump, Jefferson, and many more.
Moriarty Former presidential candidate who is famous for trying to team up with other candidates to attack Mike Pence.
Turd Fake IMG account made to attack Tonald Drump Jr in 2016. Eventually got banned by Admin and then banned by Instagram for his interesting character change.
O A common response to a shocking message.
Violently Sending Hearts Also a meme you dip.
#FreeGallagher Hashtag/Meme used when Instagram locked President Edmund Gallagher out of his account.
Riad Riad is a mentally unstable individual who believes that the characters of IMG and other Mock Governments are the real deal. He believes he is the elected president for the NWO (New World Order), and "wants to have us in his team."
JFK Speaker John F. Kennedy has been Speaker for longer than anybody else. There have been multiple attempts at impeaching him, and impeaching him is now a meme.
President Pro Tempore Snowden Memes about him being an awful President Pro Tempore. Whether or not you agree, it is hilarious. Further fueling the meme, Snowden cannot take them as jokes. He gets frustrated when a meme is made about him, to which others respond with, "It's a meme you dip."