Political parties are a major feature of IMG. Every party has a candidate for the election. The following is a list of political parties.

Party Founder Founding Date Political Views Still Active Notes
Republican Vincent Chamberlain 22 November 2016 Conservative/Libertarian Capitalist Yes
Constitution Dwight D. Eisenhower 25 November 2016 Libertarian Capitalist No Merged into the Republican party after 2020.
Blue Collar Workers James Corbyn December 2016 Centrist/Progressive No Fell in December with the leave of Corbyn.
Libertarian Party Count von Count December 2016 Libertarian No Merged into the Midway party after 2020.
Midway Party David Lombard 6 January 2017 Activist-Libertarian No
United States Blackshirt Kuehnschulte November 2016 Traditionalist No Fell in December 2016 with the leave of Kuehnschulte.
Alt Right Comiski November 2016 Neo Conservative No Fell with the defecting of Comiski and Reagan.
Democratic Bernie Sanders December 2016 Liberal/Socialist Yes
United States Covenant Hans-Hermann Hoppe December 2016 Fiscally Far Right Yes Exclusive.