The following is a list of major News Networks, and some other information about them.

Network Founded Founded By Still Active Big 6 Notes
Fieri News Network November 2016 Guy Fieri No No The first News Network.
Derby News November 2016 No No
Fox News November 2016 Chris Moriarty No No
Sky News December 2016 No No Very short-lived.
CNN/Time December 2016 No Yes Turned from CNN into Time Magazine in January 2017.
Wolf News November 2016 Jeret Hill No Yes Now owned by David Lombard
New CNN January 2017 No No Replaced the old CNN.
Right Side Broadcasting December 2016 Chewbacca No Yes
Birdie News January 2017 Yes No
Breitbart December 2016 No Yes
Washington Post December 2016 No Yes
Verum News November 2016 No Yes
Bloomberg January 2017 Chewbacca No Yes
Real Clear Politics January 2017 Yes Yes