The Democratic Party is a liberal party in IMG. It is the second largest party. They were founded by Bernie Sanders on December 9th, 2016. RFK became the first Democrat President in the 2028 Election. They were significantly hurt by the Constitution-Republican merger, but are trying to recover.


The Democratic Party was founded by Bernie Sanders when he saw no party for IMG's liberals. Over their history, they have recruited more members. Their chances in a presidential election were greatly diminished after the Republican-Constitution Merger, because the conservatives banding together was a big problem. In the 2020 election, they had the most contested primaries, with Bernie Sanders, Joshua Ochoa, and Robert Kennedy all running. Bernie was their eventual nominee, who only received 10 votes in the general election.

Presidential Victory

In 2028 the Democrats secured a monumental victory in the presidential election electing Robert Kennedy and Emmanuel Macron after David Lombard conceded the presidential election, giving RFK an overwhelming victory against Dwayne Johnson.