Chewbacca is a significant member of IMG and a member of the Republican party. He is one of the most right-wing members of the government. He is the leader of the Wiki team.



Chewbacca joined IMG on December 2, 2016. He originally joined as Ron Paul, but posted pictures of Chewbacca intended to make fun of Ron Paul's figure. He decided to just switch to Chewbacca altogether.

Early Career

Chewbacca became the Governor of Maryland and filled up his state's legislator quickly. He wrote many bills in the beginning of his governorship, and some more throughout. He supported Pence in the 2016 election until he went crazy, when he changed his support hesitantly to Chamberlain. After Chamberlain dropped out, he supported Gallagher. He actively campaigned for Gallagher, and he was named campaign manager. He also recruited Colonel Sanders. When Gallagher won, he was named the first Chief of Staff.

Later Career

One of the first actions Chewbacca did after the election was to found Right Side Broadcasting. He then founded Singapore and made a Senate. He was renamed the campaign manager for Gallagher, and lead them to victory once again. Throughout his career, he joined a multitude of state legislators: the Colorado 7th district, the Wisconsin 8th district, the Minnesota 4th district, the Oklahoma 4th district, the Louisiana 7th district, the Florida 7th district, and the Texas 3rd district. He was previously representing the Pennsylvania 4th district as well, until the governor (Djou) went crazy. When the Senator of District 6 quit, he asked for and was granted the position. He won the reelection in 2020. Slightly before the 2020 election, Gallagher named him Attorney General. He also founded Whataburger.