Senator Austin Petersen is a politician on IMG. He joined the day that IMG was created, November 22nd, 2016. His original character was Daniel Donovan, a congressman from New York. He is a minarchist, and is put at (92,-86) on the spekr scale. He has a wide array of roles in the government, doing many different tasks.

Election Campaigns

Chamberlain and Donovan: Presidential

In the 2016 election, Pence and Pollock were the leading campaign for the Republican nomination. Due to a psychological breakdown, Pence decided that then would be a good time to start a secessionist movement. Losing all support that he had, the Republican Party needed a new candidate. After some thinking, Chamberlain had decided that he would run, choosing Daniel Donovan for his running mate, on November 26th.

The campaign's main opponent was tonalddrumpjr and img_fiorina. Soon after the Chamberlain campaign was announced, information was leaked about Tonald. The leaks, from multiple conversations, showed Tonald claiming to exchange cabinet positions for endorsements. This would later become a meme that Tonald embraced, but for now, it was a main point of both campaigns.

The campaign would only last one day, ending on November 27th, 2016. In an unexpected turn of events, Chamberlain had decided to leave IMG. He would later return on December 20th, 2016.

Donovan and Jefferson: Presidential

After yet another ended campaign in the Republican Party, they once again searched for a candidate. Donovan was unsure if he should continue to run as the president, and choose a new running mate, or if the party should put their support behind Gallagher and Djou. He decided that if he were to run that Thomas Jefferson would be his running mate. After about two and a half hours, around 9:00 PM, Donovan and the rest of the Republican Party had come to the conclusion that they should give their support to Gallagher, who would later win the presidency. The short-lived "campaign" was never announced outside of the Republican Party chat, and most people never knew the idea had existed.

District 8, 2020: Senatorial

Petersen ran for re-election in the Senate from district 8 in 2020. He ran unopposed as an incumbent of the Covenant Party. Twenty-six people voted in the election for district 8, of those he had twenty-five votes. The only vote that was not for Austin was for Hillary Clinton. The man who voted for Hillary Clinton was Robbie Rotten, who most likely voted for her as revenge against Petersen. Petersen had voted for Hillary Clinton instead of Robbie Rotten for New York City's Mayor, fully knowing the consequences of a one million dollar fine that would be imposed by the Admin.