Admin (Mock) was the Supreme God over IMG. He controlled, organized, and dictated everything that happened over IMG. Sometimes, he granted God Powers to treasured players.

Admin's history was shroud in mystery. Many claim he came from dark corners seeking to create a better and more fair system of mock government; not only for himself but for the education of all mankind. Admin truly believed in a bright future for the politically interested youth, and saw mock government as the first step. Admin himself identified as an Anarcho-Captialist, and while advocating the ending of the federal state, he realized that education of government was imperative to any system which seeks to change it radically.

Mock was known for his many special face reveals that are coveted in IMG. Admin chose to bless those special to him with images of his face. He was known in memes by the image of IMG, used in memes such as "the inactive admin meme" which represents admin as the avatar when admin took a week of inactivity due to finals. Memes such as "taking out the Kennedy" showed admin taking out the trash (Kennedy's face) after admin roasted him about Kennedy's impeachment as speaker. 


Shortly before the 2016 Election, many players including Count, Djou, and others plotted to stage a TPON-like overthrow. The plot was then destroyed when they added Mock to the chat, and told everyone they'd be banned if they didn't stop.

"Inactive Rule"

On November 30th, "The Inactive Rule" was invented by the admin in order to prevent voter fraud. It was basically a rule that said if you didn't post 2 days before the election, your vote didn't count. This caused complete outrage and started #CountMyVote, and even brought up talks of another attempted overthrow. However, once everyone got over themselves, things settled and the 2020 Election was much smoother.

The Second Coming

Admin had organized IMG to the point where it no longer needed his guidance. Secretaries were appointed and a rulebook was made. He abandoned the account (which is now run by Steele to help new players). He became Buckley and descended upon us.