The election of 2028 was betwe the following candidates.

  • Dawayne "The Rock" Johnson/ Elizabeth Warren (Freedom Party)
  • David Lombard/ Thomas Jefferson (Republica)
  • Robert Kenned/ Emmual Macron (Democrat)
  • Jimmy Carter/ Bernie Sanders (democrat, suspended campaign)
  • Marco Rubio/ Justin Amash (independen, suspended campaign)

Winner: Robert Kennedy/ Emmual Macron


The house had a three way split each party (Freedom, Republican, Democrat) held 5 seats, the house elected John F. Kennedy as speaker. Meanwhile in the senate the Freedom Party gained a super majority holding 7/8 seats the Democrats holding 1. The senate elected Edward Snowden pro tempore, and Daniel Fitzpatrick as majority leader. Later Senator Gravel joined the pizza party stealing a seat.