The 2020 election was the second election of IMG. It contained hard-fought victories and devastating losses. This election maintained a Republican majority in all chambers.


The following is a list of races on the federal level. The Result is in the order of the listed candidates.

The parties are as follows:

R- Former Republican Party

C- Former Constitution Party

D- Democratic Party

I- Independent

L- Former Libertarian Party

M- Midway Party


Race Candidates Result Notes
Presidential Edmund Gallager - R (Incumbent), Ivanka Trump - C, Bernie Sanders - D, Kim Jong Un - I Gallager: 21 - 20 -10 - 1 Voter fraud was not proven but is suspected.
Vice Presidential Porter Trine Pollock - Gal., Dwight D. Eisenhower - Tru., Elizabeth Warren - San., Count von Count - Un Pollock: 21 - 20 - 10 - 1 Voter fraud was not proven but is suspected.
Senator of District 1 Christoph Waltz - C, Dwayne Johnson - R, Bernie Sanders - D, Count von Count - L Sanders: 3 - 6 - 14 - 3 Special election; the original winner was Pollock.
Senator of District 2 Rob Ford - C, Joshua Ochoa - D (Incumbent) Ochoa: 17 - 26
Senator of District 3 Ronald Reagan - USCP (Incumbent), Paul Ryan - C Reagan: 21 - 13
Senator of District 4 Vincent Chamberlain - R Chamberlain: 25
Senator of District 5 Guy Fieri - USCP (Incumbent), Al Franken - D Fieri: 26 - 14
Senator of District 6 Chewbacca - R (Incumbent), Christoph Waltz - C Chewbacca: 26 - 14
Senator of District 7 Spears - C, (Incumbent), Colonel Sanders - R, Lombard - M Spears: 23 - 2 - 17
Senator of District 8 Austin Petersen - USCP (Incumbent) Petersen: 25
House District 1 Julian Assange - I Assange: 24
House District 2 Robert Kennedy - D, Chris Christie - C Kennedy: 14 - 30
House District 3 Mike Gravel - C Gravel: 22
House District 4 John F. Kennedy - D, Count von Count - L, Dwayne Johnson - R Kennedy: 21 - 6 - 17 Many news networks incorrectly predicted the election would go to The Rock.
House District 5 Beaver - D, Hogg - C Hogg: 14 - 18
House District 6 Santa Claus - C, Lyndon B. Johnson - D Santa: 24 - 11
House District 7 Ron Swanson - C, Franklin D. Roosevelt - D Swanson: 24 - 14
House District 8 Isai Diaz - C Diaz: 24
House District 9 John Locke - C Locke: 25
House District 10 Victoria Anzaldua - C Anzaldua: 25

Significant Races


The 2020 Presidential Race was less scandalous than the first, but every bit as suspenseful. Ivanka announced her campaign early; as few as 12 hours prior to inaguration. Gallagher was the next to announce it, followed by Ochoaj, Sanders, and Kennedy. The three had a long fought primary with Kennedy being behind most of the time. Ochoaj was leading slightly, but caved in fairly late. Bernie Sanders was the Democratic nominee. Lombard announced his campaign afterwards, but quickly dropped out. Lastly, Kim Jong Un joined as an independent communist. Gallagher switched his running mate from Hans-Hermann Hoppe to Porter Trine Pollock after Hoppe took an indefinite leave. Ivanka announced Dwight D. Eisenhower quickly after she started running. Bernie Sanders announced Warren as his running mate once Ochoaj dropped out. Kim Jong Un, needing a running mate, chose Count von Count, who didn't even vote for himself.

Senator of District 1

The 2020 Race for the Senator of District 1 was a unanimous election of Porter Trine Pollock, at first. However, the Constitution prevents the Vice President from serving in the senate, so the District 1 election was redone. The four candidates quickly announced their campaigns, but the three right-leaning candidates broke up their votes. Bernie also received a lot of votes because he had lost a previous campaign for election for the presidency, and other senators liked having a diversity of ideas.

Senator of District 6

At the Constitution party convention, Mr. Christoph Waltz was nominated for this race. Chewbacca, being the incumbent, was nominated as the Republican candidate. This election was expected to be one of the closest, yet it ended up with a Chewbacca win by 12 points.

House District 4

Three candidates were running for this district: Dwayne Johnson, Count von Count, and John F. Kennedy. Count announced his run to the horror and shock of The Rock, who hoped to secure every right-wing vote. The votes were broken up between the two, allowing Kennedy a win.