IMG Presidential Election of 2016

November 22nd. The day IMG was created. Soon after this date, the 2016 election, a scandal filled-changing daily-roller coaster ride election; began. The first candidates, Moriarty, Pollock, Gallagher, Drump, all announced on November 24th. The heat quickly began when several leaks showed Moriarty conspiring against his opponents. The Pence/Pollock campaign soared, receiving almost 5 endorsements in one hour alone. Pence went to bed on the evening of November 25th feeling great.

Canada and Wikileaks

Two accounts were made in the morning of November 26th. Wikileaks, and Canada. Wikileaks quickly began posting "evidence" against Drump, and the entire IMG community spiraled into oblivion. As if things could not get any worse, Canada, probably run by Pence, invaded the US. A temporary government was set up, and the admin declared the war not confirmed. Pence then blamed Drump for the entire fiasco, and made himself look like an idiot. Drump used this to his advantage, left the Republican Party, and became the Constitution Party nominee for President. As for Pence, he became a southern secessionist and went insane. November 26th was a day for the history books.

The Drump Surge

After the drop-out of Mike Pence, Tonald Drump Jr surged to the lead. Drump gained plenty of momentum as he transitioned into a positive campaign. Many including Pence, Djou, Donovan (Petersen), Chewbacca, Colonel Sanders, JFK, and Count, became opposed to Drump's campaign.


After the Pence/Pollock campaign was suspended, Chamberlain rose in the polls. Despite this, he suddenly left on November 27th (soon to return December 20th!). The Republicans scrambled to choose someone new to run. Donovan (Petersen) chose Governor Jefferson to run as his VP. In a record of 36 minutes, Donovan and Jefferson dropped out, and the Republican Party endorsed Edmund Gallagher. After a short but heated election season, Drump looked set to win the 2016 election. Then, many accused his campaign of making fake accounts to vote and demanded a recount. This recount resulted in the admin appointing an independent court who decided that Gallagher won the election, thus making him President-Elect.